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Integrative Health and Healing

Anyone experiencing ongoing health issues knows that life can be turned upside down...

If you, or a family member, have a significant medical diagnosis you may be feeling angry, scared, confused, sad, and that things are out of your control.  It can feel as if the world that you knew is now changed forever.  

 You may be asking:

  • Is it normal to feel this way?
  • How can I manage my emotions?  
  • How do I talk to friends and family about this?
  • Will I be able to make positive changes in my life?  
  • How will I manage the physical symptoms such as pain, fatigue and insomnia?   

Given everything going on in your life it is understandable and quite normal to be feeling this way.  But there is hope, and we know that with the proper support you can feel better and regain some control in your life.  We can help you cope with and better manage health issues, and experience a more fulfilling and meaningful life.  

The therapists of Integrative Health and Healing are dedicated to helping you regain your balance. Together, we have over 40 years of experience helping people cope and feel better.   Whether you're looking for extra support and guidance during difficult times or you're interested in learning skills and techniques to reduce stress and improve your quality of life, Integrative Health and Healing can help you to achieve your goals.  

Please do not wait one more day.  We want to hear your story and see if we can make it better.  Call us today to schedule an appointment!